Fighting Stupidity one post at a time

March 25, 2010

Allow myself to introduce myself.. a not so auspicious way to introduce a commonsense approach to viewing today’s issues. The reality of the political arena today boils down to ONE MAJOR PROBLEM… the conservative right and the liberal left are dueling to death and the commonsense that preserves and promotes our great democracy is subject to massive collateral damage.


While I am not some granola eating hippie that thinks we gather around our collective laptops, blog, hold hands singing and somehow bring about change, I do believe that most of us (including yours truly) have been ignoring this problem far to long.

 How many times have you been enjoying a microwave burrito, watching the evening news while learning about some cataclysmic problem (health care, illegal aliens, tax reform…etc, take your pick) and said to yourself “Self, couldn’t we just fix this by doing…. It seems so easy”? Well, chances are it probably is that easy but nobody seems to want to call out our elected officials and smack them with the proverbial commonsense hammer!

 LET ME BE CLEAR HERE! This is not a “Right Wing Blog” or “Liberal Lefty Rag”, this is just one voice trying to cut thru all the political crap and help the powers that be get something done without throwing the population into a major uproar!

So join me, the Political Cowboy, won’t you? Lets give our political leaders a lesson in cowboy logic and common sense…